The best way to Learn Spanish Grammar & Spanish Vocabulary Words


In our internet Spanish training, I am going to help you discover Spanish grammar and also provide you with a lot of Spanish vocabulary terms. So as to perfect some dialect, you have to initially perfect the grammar and also vocabulary of all of the dialect. We need to start with a few people brand new vocabulary words:

1. Suela – out sole of a footwear. Don’t mistake the term with “el suelo” meaning “the ground” because the soil which you stroll on outside the house. Inside Medellín, Colombia, I’ve additionally learned individuals utilize the term “suelo” rather than the term “piso” to send towards the flooring which is inside.

Las suelas de tus zapatos están gastadas de caminar.
The bottoms of the shoes of yours are exhausted via taking a leisurely walk.

2. Planta – out sole of a foot. “Planta” can easily additionally imply “plant.”

Te quemaste la planta de un pie porque pisaste descalzo la area que estaba muy caliente.
You used up the out sole of the foot of yours since you stepped barefooted on sand which was extremely very hot.

3. Granizo – hail

4. Granizar – to hail

Cuando graniza, una sombrilla absolutely no es suficiente para protegerse.
In the event it hails, an umbrella isn’t adequate to safeguard it.

NOTE: In a lot of Spanish conversing nations, the term for “umbrella” is “paraguas,” along with the term “sombrilla” is utilized to relate to an umbrella which is utilized solely in an umbrella or the seaside which has a glance that’s normal of “el Oriente” and it is used-to safeguard 1 in the sun’s rays. However in Medellín, the term for “umbrella” is “sombrilla.”

Today you’ve discovered some brand new Spanish vocabulary terms, let us review Spanish grammar. Lately, I noticed a a “caballero” (gentleman) coming from the U.K. help to make the subsequent error when talking Spanish to a Paisa (person as a result of Medellín)


Hoy es el lunes?
Nowadays is Monday?

The right method to point out it is:

Hoy es lunes?
Nowadays is Monday?

Even though it’s essential in Spanish to make use of the clear post (“el”) prior to the labels on the days or weeks on the week, you don’t make use of “el” or maybe any kind of sort of clear post right after every type of verb’ ser’ WHEN TALKING ABOUT DAYS OF THE WEEK.”

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